Racing, maritime drive systems for military, rescue and leisure applications. New technical solutions, enabling the highest drive efficiency . Bravo (1,2,3, XR), Konrad, Jet drive types configured with reliable diesel engines produced by JMP Perkins, MarineDiesel, BUKH (SOLAS versions) or FPT Industria. Trimmed Surface Drive selected by us makes it possible to increase boat speed by 15-30% in comparison to any other type of drive. Combined with VGT series engines with turbo-compressors of changeable geometry, or FTP engines for power over 500 hp, thanks to exceptionally high and stable torque at high resolution range, SD drive makes it possible to reach exceptional accelerations and performance.


JML Perkovic marine version of well reputed new Perkins diesel engines series.
Experience more than 30 year allow on construction most reliable marine engines with gearbox as a standard. Low weight, low noise emission and high level of damping – this features cause ideal conditions to applications in sail boats, small pleasure boats or fishing boats.

BUHK is a renowned producer of reliable diesel engines, whose credo is reliability even in the most difficult conditions at sea. This company boasts over 100 years of tradition, specialising in constructing engines for rescue vessels (Search and Rescue), rescue and military rafts – everywhere where reliability is priority.

JP Marine is a distributor for Poland of a leading marine diesel engine producer, MarineDiesel AB from Sweden. All MD engines are based on GM 6,5l V8 block, which is a successor of the 6.2l engine constructed in 1982. One advantage of basing on this engine is the fact that it has the same drive connection parameters as Volvo Penta, MerCruiser, OMC, or Marinepower.

FPT Industria is a producer of engines with long years of experience and renowned reputation as a provider for automotive industry (Iveco), building construction machines, generator and maritime applications. Maritime engines of this producer are used in commercial vessels with heavy loads, recreational or even racing vessels