FPT C13 825

607 kW(825 HP) @ 2400 rpm (A1)
552 kW(750 HP) @ 2400 rpm (A2)
478 kW(650 HP) @ 2400 rpm (B)
442 kW(600 HP) @ 2400 rpm (C)

  • High torque and power & performancereduced fuel
  • Consumption and exhaust gas emissions
  • Engine efficiency and stiffnessvibrations & noise reduction
  • Reduced maintenance, longer engine life and reliability
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs
  • Marine lay-out and settingssafety and protection on board
  • Leakage prevention
  • Customer orientation
  • Quick and accurate service support



    The two main technologies featured on these engines, Electronic Common Rail (C90) and Electronic Unit Injector (C13), combined with the 4 valves/cylinder induction system, provide several benefits: high injection pressure and timing precision under any operation condition, excellent performance, low fuel consumption and emissions.
    Features achieved using innovative technologies and production processes such as: Electronic Common Rail or Electronic Unit Injector systems, bed plate cylinder block, rear gear-train timing system and superfinished helicoidal gears.
    To reduce maintenance operations and improve engine life and reliability, the CURSOR series adopt plateaux machined cylinder walls and oil cooled pistons by J-jets.
    High functional engine design and solutions for long intervals in oil and filters replacement (up to 600 h).
    Functional engine lay-out, design and specific settings focused on marine duties. Optimized engine and turbo-charging cooling systems.
    Improved technical solutions such as: integrated oil cooler, integrated oil pump and water pump, blow-by system.
    Wide range of accessories including electronic remote control, monitoring systems, wide range of emission certifications as IMO MARPOL, 2003/44/EC, EPA Recreational & Commercial and propulsion homologation as RINA.
    Easier engine servicing thanks to advanced diagnostic equipment & widespread worldwide service network.


Thermodynamic Cycle Diesel 4 stroke
Air Handling TAA
Arrangement 6L
Bore x Stroke (mm) 135 X 150
Total Displacement (L) 12.88
Valves per cylinder (n°) 4
Cooling System liquid
Direction of Rotation (viewed facing flywheel) CCW
Engine management by EDC (Electronic Diesel Control)
InjectionSystem EUI

Standard Configuration

Flywheel housing (type) SAE 1
Flywheel size (inch) 14
Air Filter rear side
Turbocharger Two Waste Gate (water cooled) Turbo in parallel with Aftercooler (TAA)
Heat Excharger tube type
Exhaust gas water mixer – Exhaust cooled elbow
Water charge tank included
Fuel filter (n°) 1 – right side
Fuel prefilter 1 (loose)
Fuel Pump 1 (gear type)
Lift pump
Oil filter (n°) 2
Oil sump aluminium
Oil vapours blow-by circuit included
Oil heat exchanger included
Oil filler by cylinder head cover
Starter 24V – 5.5kW
Alternator 28V – 90A
Engine stop device by electronic central unit
Wiring harness with negative to ground connection
Painting color white “ICE”

Electrical System

Voltage 24
Battery – minimum capacity recommended [*] (Ah) 2 x 180
Battery – minimum cold cranking capacity recommended [*] (A) 1200

Rating Type

A1 A2 B C
Maximum power (kW(HP)@rpm) 607 ( 825 ) @ 2400 552 ( 750 ) @ 2400 478 ( 650 ) @ 2400 442 ( 600 ) @ 2400
High idle speed (rpm) 2580 2580 2580 2580
Low idle speed (rpm) ± 600 ± 600  ± 600 ± 600
Mean piston speed at rated speed (m/s) 12 12 12 12
BMEP at max power (kg/cm) 22.5 20.5 17.8 16.4
Specific fuel consumption at full load (best value) (g/kWh @ rpm) 229.1 227.5 220.7 221.6
Oil consumption at max rating (% of fuel cons.) ≤ 0.2
Minimum starting temperature without auxiliaries (°C) -10 °
Oil and oil filter maintenance interval for replacement [***] (hours) 600

  • A1 – High Performance Crafts. Full throttle operation restricted within 10% of total use period. Cruising speed at engine rpm <90% of rated speed setting - Maximum usage 300 hours per year.
  • A2 – Pleasure Commercial Vessels. Full throttle operation restricted within 10% of total use period. Cruising speed at engine rpm <90% of rated speed setting - Maximum usage 1000 hours per year.
  • B – Light Duty: Full throttle operation restricted within 10% of use period. Cruising speed at engine rpm <90% of rated speed setting - Maximum usage 1500 hours per year.
  • C – Medium Duty: Full throttle operation < 25% of use period. Cruising speed at engine rpm <90% of rated speed setting - Maximum usage 3000 hours per year.
  • D – Heavy Duty


Weight and Dimensions



  • L = 1465
  • W = 1000
  • H = 1058
  • Dry Weight (without marine gear)= Kg 1395