HPE Blue Hybrid System

A drive system for the demanding: to be used where environmental conditions forbid combustion drives or for those who value electric drives. For leisure and commercial purposes.

This compact solution makes it possible to power the vessel and at the same time work as a generator.
The main element of the hybrid system is a 12 pole synchronic electric engine. It has been designed for demanding marine environments and to meet the need of no influence on navigation equipment of the boat. The system co-operates with highly efficient lithium-polymer batteries. They have a special system preventing overloads, complete drainage and temperature jumps, as well as a balancing system.


Elements of the hybrid system:

• 12 pole synchronic electric engine
• for work as a power unit: 13kW of power at 2150 rpm and 48V from the battery bank
• for work as a generator 6kW at 2750 rpm – charging
• nominal voltage of the bank: 51,8 V at 1200 cycles
• battery bank, depending on the number of modules, a single 100Ah module makes it possible for the power unit to work for over one hour.