JLM 4.75 TI

JLM marine power latest generation PERKINS based marine diesel engine. The base engine is built for industrial application and adjusted for marine use in the most difficult working conditions, which guarantees reliability and long duration. We achieved visibility and simple and cost efficient maintenance with intelligent construction and high quality.

Indirect engine cooling system (coolant liquid cooling in the heat exchanger using seawater), guarantees optimal work temperature in all working conditions. Due to its low weight, minimal noise and vibration level and its compact size it is ideal for installation on sailboats, recreation, work and fishing boats. The new generation of JLM marine engines comply with strict exhaust gas emission laws around the world (EU Stage IIIB and US EPA Tier 4).

Info: “JLM marine power”: standard 24 month warranty proves our quality, durability and reliability.


Base engine: Perkins 404D-22T
Max. Output power:(on the flywheel) 55,0kW/75,0KS
Number of cylinders: 4
Volume: 2216 ccm
Work cycle: 4 stroke (four-stroke)
Piston diameter and piston movement: 84 x 100 mm
Cooling: Closed system, fresh water with a heat exchanger
Max. rpm: 3000 r/min
Compression ratio: 23.3:1
Injection: Indirectly
Suction: Turbo Compressor Intercooler
Marine gearbox: Hidraulična HBK 480A izlazno vratilo 8″, KBS200
Weight with the gearbox: HBK480A – 290 kg
Exhaust diameter: 88 mm
Sea suction intake diameter: 26 mm
Fuel attachment diameter: 8 mm
Alternator: 12V/65A
Exhaust gasses emission: US-EPA Stage III&Tier 4b

Standard Equipmemt

  • Marine gearbox HBK 480A angle output shaft 8″, KBS200
  • standard control panel with an extension cord (rpm counter, digital work hour counter, engine temperature indicator, engine oil pressure indicator, light and sound alarms, contact ignition slot with a key, heater, 5 metres of cable)
  • elastic-rubber engine supports
  • hand pump for engine oil change
  • marine gearbox line and gas support with attachments
  • alternator: 12V 65A

Additional Equipment

  • axle line with attachments
  • propeller
  • one arm line controller
  • exhaust hose (flexible rubber resistant to seawater and high temperatures, reinforced with an inox steel double coil)
  • fuel tank
  • non standard control panel
  • muffler
  • siphon