Marinediesel Press release

Marinediesel is proud to announce the BUKH A/S takeover of VGT engine series, including all marine related assets. Marinediesel will continue to supply industrial non-marine engines.

Today, Marinediesel Sweden AB announces the sale of Sweden based Marinediesel AB’s production of VGT marine engines, BUKH will take over the production and development of the powerful GM based V8 Diesel. The future, production, sales and support will take place from BUKH´s Danish factory, ensuring that the engines meet the high quality standards that have been the trademark of Danish-built BUKH engines since 1899.

Representing another milestone in our company’s growth plan, this acquisition strengthens BUKH´s position, expertise and competitiveness in the marine segments where BUKH has been represented for more than 110 years. BUKH has taken over all assets of Marinediesel AB relating to the VGT marine engines, and from this date all the marine activities from Marinediesel AB will be executed by BUKH.

The transition of the Marinediesels VGT marine engine assets will begin from the takeover date 16/04-2018, from this date all inquiries, support, spare parts and engine sales will be handled by BUKH A/S. There will be a transition period when assets are being moved. This will include stock items, and production will also be affected. Therefore, BUKH A/S hopes for the understanding of current and new customers during this period. BUKH CEO Søren Christiansen assures customers that BUKH will do the utmost to speed up the transition period, to ensure engines and spare parts are supplied according to the BUKH standard which is well-known throughout the world: on time, in the right quantity and at the right place.