JP Marine Service


Along with the products, we offer full support at drive system configuration (selection of engine, gearbox, fuel lines, cooling system, drive, propeller) and installation.

We give advice on selecting measurement parameters and installation of electronic and electrical systems.

Our service points are located in Gdańsk and Warsaw, where we maintain necessary stock of spare parts.

Each provider offers his own warranty program, but usually it is 24 months for leisure applications and 12 months for commercial ones. If necessary, servicing is also available outside Poland.

Below is an example of an extensive MD servicing program, mainly for commercial applications:
FRP- Factory Replacement Program
Marinediesel as a company has always looked at ways to assist clients and operators in meeting their long term targets. In this progress Marinediesel has developed the FRP or factory Replacement Program which allows the operator to get first grade quality service as well as reducing and scheduling operational costs. For a fixed cost Marinediesel will provide replacement engines according to the TBO schedule of the specific Marinediesel product.
EIC – Engine Installation & Commissioning
Marinediesel can provide engineers on site at client’s location to assist, perform or train local staff to install Marinediesel products. The same service is provided with regards to commissioning of engines.
FACT – Szkolenia
Operational performance and engine life can be significantly enhanced by raising the skill level of employees, the key to this is expert training. Courses can be held at Marinediesel’s training centre in Sweden or on site at client’s location of choice. There are different levels of FACT courses from basic service and maintenance to full overhauls. Training can also be tailored to client specific needs and provide essential knowledge of Marinediesels wide range of products.
RMC – Repair & Maintenance Contract
As with the Factory Replacement Program Marinediesel look for ways to assist the operator with fixed costs and quality workmanship. For added assurance and easier budgeting, our planned servicing can be covered by a Repair & Maintenance Contract, tailored to the specific needs. Fixed price contracts are ideally suited for any operator looking for guaranteed servicing at competitive, predictable rates.
FES – Factory Express Service
Marinediesel understands the costs of vessel downtime and has responded to this with the FES program. Not only do we provide a comprehensive range of services and technical support for all Marinediesel products worldwide on land or at sea but the FES adds the fast response requirement of some clients. If the local representative is unable to assist with the high level of expertise required to solve a specific problem or the client wants factory direct service, the FES is set to have qualified engineers on site anywhere in the world within a very short timeframe.
GSP – Genuine Spart Parts
As the manufacturer we are the only supplier of OEM parts for the Marinediesel line of engines and all parts we provide are fully guaranteed and certified. Stock is held at Marinediesel world headquarters in Sweden but normal stock is also held at select service stations around the world. Even with parts that are only in stock in Sweden we have a 24-hour turn-around in emergency situations. Our service combines quality, cost-effectiveness and peace-of-mind assurance, helping you to improve operational efficiency and enhance long-term performance.