MarineDisel is one of the few maritime engine suppliers specialising in the production of advanced engines with a mechanical power supply (Stynadyne), which at the same time meet environmental standards –  V8 6,5l MD 170-300hp engine series. These engines are adjusted to operating in difficult battlefield conditions and the ones requiring commercial applications (SAR). The fact that less complicated mechanical systems are applied makes them significantly more failure-free and easier to service. Advanced electronic systems with Cammon Rail  are 20-30% more expensive and more prone to failures.  MarineDisel engines are also adjusted to military needs in that they may operate on vessel fuel F-75/76 . An additional, optional modification is the “battle mode” system, where, upon activation, ECU reprogramming takes place. At the request of the client, it is also possible to activate a function of a temporary engine power increase by additional 50hp above the nominal range.

VGT series of powers from 300 to 500 hp with a changeable geometry compressor and Cammon Rail system have a flat torque element curve starting from the low revolution range, which makes it possible to obtain high acceleration rates.  This series is available in SOLAS versions, as are  BUKH S170 and D230 engines.

In contrast to MarineDiesel V-engines, FPT Industria/Iveco producer offers in-line units with a mechanical power supply system.  NEF series with powers from 100 to 450 hp operates on F-34 fuel apart from EN590 conventional fuel.  FPT does not offer military options that are available in MarineDiesel packages; however, these units are equally reliable and have a prolonged service period.

We offer advanced service programs  for professional applications, along with delivery and assembly.

MarineDiesel with Konsgberg and Sea Cross Marine also offer the Sea Command system that increases the navigator`s quality of work.

The full series of SDS surface drives is dedicated to loaded military and commercial applications. In contrast to other SDS drives available in the market, it is the only one which executes trimming and turning functions by actuators placed in the dry area – the engine room. Thanks to hydrodynamic lubrication this drive does not require servicing of the external part during operation (apart from anode replacement).  This drive has the highest coefficient of mean time between failures (MTBF) of 3.500h – the mean lifetime of the whole drive is 27.000h (by way of comparison, the value for a four-stroke overboard engine is 2.000h).

The only “Z”-drive constructed for professional applications is the KONRAD type drive.

The engines and drives we offer have been applied in military vessels in many countries. However, the nature of these orders makes it impossible to present them.