MFS Tecnogroup has large installations in Barcelona where design and manufacture all our products.

With an experience of over 30 years manufacturing tubular and inflatable fenders for all types of marine applications, in recent years company developed a new generation of anti-impact defenses and elements for buoyancy protection. Specially designed to work in severe conditions of use in all types of marine environments, maintaining a weight-resistance truly exceptional.

Our team consists of professionals trained in different areas of the shipbuilding industry, from engineering and design to manufacturing personnel and highly skilled installation.


Technological activity influences the social and economic progress, but from a business perspective means that it is more geared to meet the needs of all our customers.

The technology provides great benefits to humanity, its main role is to create best useful tools to simplify the saving of time and work effort. MFS Tecnogroup bring a set of knowledge, skills, abilities and interrelated procedures for construction and use of natural or artificial devices for transforming our raw materials in innovative products and quality skills.