Conceptual assumptions – a new boat

Prior to selecting a boat, every prospective buyer should take the following issues into account:

    • Aesthetic issues and additional equipment should be put aside: come back to them after establishing the following issues:
    • The most fundamental question you need to ask concerns the purpose of the boat: leisure or commercial one. If leisure, then is it going to serve the purpose of spending your free time in a port (as is often the case)  and sometimes sailing in still weather conditions, or would you like to be able to travel comfortably also in a moderate sea state, i.e.  1 to 3? Or would you perhaps like to feel the spirit of adventure at sea and sail confidently (fast) also in rough waters? All these questions need answering in order to determine specific technical solutions.
    • Do you care about maximum speed  (at sea state 0 or maybe 3-4),  or are other parameters important, such as high travelling speed and high manoeuvrability? Or would you like to be able to operate in the shallows without running the risk of damaging the boat, with mooring on a beach (type of drive)?
    • What waters are you going to sail – the Gdańsk Bay (short waves) the Baltic Sea, lakes, or maybe the Mediterranean (longer waves plus higher level of salinity)?
    • How many people are going to use it (weight, arrangement of deck), how far are you going to sail (fuel – weight, safety measures); do you intend to install additional equipment? Underestimating the weight is the most frequent cause of disappointment with the performance.
    • Do you intend to dive with full equipment or only for leisure purposes (different access to the boat, different load on the platform, equipment)?
    • How often do you wish to use the boat, what distances do you intend to cover and at what loads (selection of engines and drives)?
    • How much can you invest; do you care about low maintenance cost, reliability, long life of the drive system elements?

All the factors mentioned above have an influence on the vessel`s design, selection of drive systems and subsequent satisfaction of the owner. This is why those issues have to be discussed with the shipyard/ distributor in detail. Each client should, prior to the purchase, devote some time to familiarising themselves with the main technical issues related to motor boats in order to be able to make an informed choice of their boat. We suggest reading the descriptive material we collected for you on this site. 

When we are involved in the selection/ decision-making process, we ask the client to precise their choice at every instance, presenting variants and possible configurations – from selecting the hull through drive systems to the vessel`s equipment.

In the case of corporate and commercial clients, the process is similar, although in the majority of the cases we deal with experienced clients aware of their expectations, which makes the cooperation much easier.