Shaft lines & Propellers

We design and manufacture complete shaft lines,
couplings and propellers.

JP Marine, together with France Helices, has more than 45 years of experience in the design and manufacture of complete shaft lines.

Our propulsion systems have been used in thousands of vessels:

  • recreational, sailing boats from 5m to 100m mega yachts
  • commercial, patrol boats
  • military boats with speeds above 70kn
  • fishing trawlers, tugboats, including with Kort nozzles

France Helices has been manufacturing screw propellers since 1977. It has the latest design facilities and more than 10,000 propeller models.

Each screw propeller is designed and manufactured to the specific parameters of the boat being propelled. These screw propellers are used in sailing boats, recreational boats as well as commercial applications – fishing boats, patrol boats, tugboats – compliant with ISO 484-2.

We supply complete propulsion sets:

  • engines and couplings
  • gearboxes
  • flanges
  • Cardan shafts
  • constant velocity couplings
  • shafts
  • lubricators
  • seals
  • shaft collars
  • screw propellers
  • Kort nozzles
  • rudders and anodes

All products have approvals from classification societies such as Bureu Veritas, Lloyd’s, RINA, ABS, CCS.

We also offer:

  • Drive shafts up to 12m in length, 250mm in diameter, made from heavy duty 316L grade stainless steel, Marinox 22 steel or Uranus 45N.
  • Screw propellers selected to suit specific requirements and with two to five blades. Maximum diameter of propellers is 3m (class 2), class S up to 5 m. Material is 316L stainless steel, aluminium bronze, bronze.
  • Propellers manufactured depending on the application in different accuracy classes – including the highest class S while maintaining compliance with ISO 484.
  • Full range of Centaflex flexible couplings
  • Cardan shafts selected according to Customer needs