BUKH Engines

Reliable top-class BUKH engines in Poland

The most reliable diesel engines in the world

BUKH A/S is a manufacturer with a long tradition in building marine diesel engines for rescue boats, commercial and recreational boats. The former name of this brand was Motorfabrik and Callesen Diesel.

BUKH has been manufacturing marine diesel engines since 1899 – more than 100 years of experience have resulted in products with the highest reliability on the market. The company has an extensive dealer and servicing network worldwide. Due to the necessary care for the BUKH brand, it conducts very strict dealer verification and only those with the highest quality of service are accepted into its authorised network.

JP MARINE - Authorised Distributor of BUKH for Poland

BUKH continues to sell the same reliable engines – the kind needed for marine applications and keeps working on their development to meet the highest demands. In addition to commercial applications, BUKH engines are highly valued for their reliability and longevity by sailors.

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