JP Marine represents Safeat Sea in Poland, which has developed the RescueRunner scooter for professional marine and inland rescue operations.

Safeat Sea develops, manufactures and sells lightweight, customised and cost-effective marine rescue systems. The base of all Safeat Sea products is the Rescuerunner system developed in cooperation with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS). 

The Management Department has contracts for technical aspects, safety and crew for superyachts as well as cargo vessels. The Safeat Sea system consists of the RescueRunner unit as well as its additional purpose-specific equipment, training and rescue procedures. These systems enhance life-saving operations by improving SAR (Search and Rescue) operations worldwide.

The Rescuerunner is a rescue boat specifically designed by experienced marine rescue operators to effectively rescue people in distress on the water in the most difficult conditions, both on the shoreline and in the open sea.


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