MarineDiesel VGT series – Battle Mode


The optional battle mode system BMS for VGT engines can either be manually activated or connected to a timer to get a timed actuation for boarding and other related operational requirements. BMS removes all safety functions in the ECU apart from audio and visual warning alarms. The standard safety systems implemented on all VGT engines are listed below, this include both de-rate and limp modes. The option requires a pin change in the ECU and must be pre-ordered; the wire is included in the extension harness to helm station.


Derate At: VGT450/VGT500   VGT300/350/400
* Coolant temperature < 50 degC
> 85 degC
50 degC
80 degC
* Intake manifold temperature > 70/60 degC 85 degC
* Atmospheric pressure < 85 kPa 85 kPa
* Ambient Temperature < 10 degC
> 48 degC
10 degC
48 degC


Faults that cause limp mode:

  • Electrical faults (sensor open circuit or shorted to ground/12V): o RPM limitation and torque limitation
  • Boost control fault (>70 kPa @10sec): o Torque limitation
  • Boost pressure high fault (>310 kPa): o Torque limitation
  • Coolant temperature high fault (>100 degC): o Torque limitation
  • Fuel rail pressure high fault (>200MPa): o Torque limitation
  • Oil pressure high fault (>500kPa): o Torque limitation


Torque limitation set to: 60%

RPM limitation is set to: 2250rpm