Selection – Design – Production – Repairs

Propellers of any kind – from the classic, 3-bladed ones to 6-bladed propellers, also for individual orders.

France Helices has been producing propellers since 1977. It has the most modern design facilities and over 10 000 fan models. Each propeller is designed and manufactured for specific parameters of the boat it will propel. The propellers are used in sailing, leisure and also commercial boats: fishing, patrol and tow boats, in accordance with ISO484-2

The propellers are made mainly of resistant bronze, aluminium bronze, aluminium or stainless steel, depending on the clients` requirements.
We carry out repairs of propellers, static and dynamic balancing, welding, piecing and structural modifying.

All propellers are strictly tested for vibrations, which significantly influences the lifespan of the whole shaft line (bearing, clutch, support, noise).
We have and make propeller shafts up to 12m length, of 316L, Marinox 22, Uranus 45N stainless steel.

Our offer also includes complete shaft line systems, from the engine to the clutch (a), cardan shaft, the proper shaft, shaft holder (the newest, composite ones), propeller, anodes, and rudder.
France Helices products have classification approvals from such associations as Bureau Veritas, LLoud’s, RINA, A.B.S., CCS.


Fixed pitch propeller types

1. for displacement boats of maximum speed below 15kn

2. for light boats of maximum speed over 15 kn
3. for heavy vessels of maximum speed over 20kn
4. Variable pitch propellers         5 Folding propellers
6. Propellers for surface drives

There are four classes of propeller manufacturing precision:

  • Class S with pitch divergence +/- 1%
  • Class 1 with pitch divergence +/- 1%
  • Class 2 with pitch divergence +/- 2%
  • Class 3 with pitch divergence +/- 5%

The difference in fan efficiency between class S and class 2 is 5-8 % , which is directly reflected in fuel consumption and performance. Our propellers are made in S class.

We have over 30 series of propeller types for various applications altogether. Please e-mail us if you wish to select and obtain the pricing of specific models.

Calculators bookmark is for finding approximate parameters for speed, power, diameters and pitches of propellers.