The features of our drive:

  • increased efficiency of the drive system  – speed from 15 to 30 %
  • proportional decrease in fuel consumption
  • increased vessel manoeuvrability
  • ability to operate in the shallows
  • guaranteed performance
  • minimum maintenance expenses  (a few movable elements and no hydraulic/ electrical elements in water
  • low maintenance requirements (it is possible to perform own general maintenance work within 20 minutes – replacement of a bearing does not require pulling the boat out of water  )
  • the highest degree of reliability among all types of drives, comparable only to the conventional drive
  • TBO ( time between overhaul) – the longest, as above, which is the best value among all drives (we have installations working as long as 20 years)
  • 24h service

What makes this system different from others is the surface piercing propeller, which contrary to other drives is not entirely submerged in water. The water line runs through the longitudinal axis, which means that during one revolution, some of the propeller vanes are above the water. This is achieved by moving away from the transom to the place where the propeller works in a non-turbulent water flow.

Military applications of our surface drive may be found below.

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Although it may seem that only a fully submerged propeller is the most effective one, this in reality is not the case. It is the surface drive, thanks to a phenomenon close to cavitation (ventilation), which is the most effective drive making it possible to reach high speed with economical fuel consumption. The factor that is critical for system efficiency is its appropriate configuration and the selection of the right propeller.
Selecting the appropriate propeller is a complex process that requires relevant engineering expertise, technical and production facilities as well as access to research facilities. We are the only manufacturer in the world offering a complete drive package with the propeller from our own production. This is why we are the only one that gives performance guarantee. In every case, we select the drive on the basis of our own calculations based on information obtained from the client.


Range of SDS drives (max torque specified in kgm):




* with maximum horse power at maximum revolutions, the ratio is as follows : 716,2 x max hp/max rev.

The result obtained is multiplied by transmission ratio.



JP Marine is a distributor of France Helices (FH) , a company established in 1977, a leading producer of marine drive systems. FH is a pioneer in developing the surface drive system for fast motor boats. Having the right research facilities and long years of experience, it has been able to create a product whose performance is higher in than any other drive system for vessels operating above 25kn.
The quality of the products has been appreciated by approvals of all important classification societies, such as ABS, BV and Lloyds. FH designs and manufactures complete drive systems exceeding the requirements for military, police, rescue or leisure vessels. FH is an international company and it has its service network all over the world, offering its services and training to all the clients.


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Tech Facts

where you can find a more detailed description of the features of our offer, we present a series of interesting comparisons and technical information.

There are two types of surface drives:

  • by fixed shaft, requiring the installation of a rudder
  • trimmed, controlled by a movable shaft

Modern solutions dedicated to fast motor boats operating at over 25kn, which need high manoeuvrability and a possibility to operate in the shallows (even with mooring on a beach), require a trimmed (up/down) and  controllable (left/ right) drive.



By moving propellers away from transoms, the turning axis is moved towards the stern, which significantly improves manoeuvrability in comparison with conventional drives. The trimming option makes it possible to operate on reverse, in the shallow and at rough sea. In addition, it allows to fully benefit from the surface drive by gradual lifting along with increase in speed.
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There are two manufacturers that count on the surface drive market: France Helices and Anerson. The difference between us and other providers is described  here: