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Marinediesel Press release

Marinediesel is proud to announce the BUKH A/S takeover of VGT engine series, including all marine related assets. Marinediesel will continue to supply industrial non-marine engines. Today, Marinediesel Sweden AB announces the sale of Sweden based Marinediesel AB’s production of VGT marine engines, BUKH will take over the production and development of the powerful GM […]

Targi Gdynia 2016

Disel engines up to 825 HP inboard and outboard – premier OXE 200 HP. Complete shafts lines up to 12m with propellers up to 3m dimensions. Gyrostabilizer for boat from 5 to 80 ton, foul realize silicone based AquaCote for hull, propellers and RIBs tubes. D-shape foam tubes for RIBs and commercial boats, antislipping   […]

Wind and Water 28-31 July 2016

Please see us on Water Sport and Leisure fairs in Gdynia – Poland Besides our full offer – marine diesel engines: BUKH, MarineDisel, FNM, FPT in range from 24HP to 825HP for different kind of application, France Helices surface drives, shaft  lines, high class propellers, this year we are going to present the following items […]

Conceptual assumptions – a new boat

Prior to selecting a boat, every prospective buyer should take the following issues into account: Aesthetic issues and additional equipment should be put aside: come back to them after establishing the following issues: The most fundamental question you need to ask concerns the purpose of the boat: leisure or commercial one. If leisure, then is […]

Stepped planing hull – pros and cons

There are a lot of legends connected with steps on hulls. Many people claim that this solution is good only for the racing industry and is very dangerous for normal recreational users. What are the real facts, however?  There is ample evidence showing that the stepped hull has less drag than the classic deep V-hull. […]

Surface Drive

Surface Drive is dedicated to fast motor boats as the most effective of all the types of drives; however, as every drive, it has its limitations of use. It may not be used for bay watch rescue boats due to the risk of injury (as other drives, except for water jet). It is precisely due to […]

Types of drives and their short description

Traditional propeller drive on shaft – simple construction and high reliability, for speeds below 30kn, and also for big and heavy vessels. The drive is tolerant of high load differences and it works well in difficult conditions. It is cheap to maintain and the cheapest to purchase. Stern drive  –  Z – type transmissions for […]

Comparison of producers of surface drive systems

  Trimability – it is the main feature of surface drive, making it possible to fully use its potential. It is this feature that enables easy operation of the reverse gear, obtaining maximum speeds in different sea conditions and sailing in the shallows. Thanks to trimability we can eliminate or significantly reduce bouncing up the […]

Detailed comparison of SDS and Water Jet

The most frequent question asked by potential clients is why SDS should be used instead of Water Jet. We always give the same answer to this question: it depends on the purpose of using the boat. In certain areas, SDS has considerable performance advantage, but there are also areas where this advantage belongs to Water […]

Information that is necessary to select an appropriate drive

In order to select an appropriate drive, it is necessary to adopt a holistic approach, taking into account the operating environment, as well as hull, engine and gear unit data. Type of hull – monohull (single), catboat or trimaran; each of these hulls has a different influence on hydrodynamic resistance and stability. Displacement , weight […]